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Planned updates and features for 2021

Please see our road map for 2021.  This roadmap will be updated throughout the year.  Let us know if you would like any other update or feature.

Currently, reports can only be emailed one at time.  Our plan for 2021 is to add a one-click email report to send batch reports at once.

Asset Information
The view for custom columns applies to all assets.  Our plan for 2021 is allow the user to create custom views based on the selected model (completed in version

When cloning an asset in the main view, show the fields which are going to be copied (completed in version

Update the service report to allow the user to select which columns they want to appear on the service report.

Export Data
Easily export all your data to Excel

Upload attachments (e.g. service agreements, technical agreements) to customer records which can be viewed in certificates.

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