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  • Bug fix: When creating new appointments, the resource name in overview was not updated.

Main view

  • Gridview columns are best fit to display all columns correctly.


  • Gridview columns are best fit to display all columns correctly.
  • Refreshing the view will expand all groups automatically.
  • Bug fix: Priority column not updating.
  • Added resource filter in overview to show assets not scheduled in the calendar.
  • Added task filter in overview to show assets with open tasks.

Report Designer

  • Bug fix: When revising a report template, the report type defaults as a report and not taking the last saved type.


  • Bug fix: creating a new email address causing a bug.
  • When updating a field, event log entry created for each affected record.


  • Bug fix: Creating a new email address caused an error message popup.
  • When selecting test equipment in certificates, service entries without a next service due date are ignored.
  • Bug fix: Job number not refreshed in certificates after adding a job number in overview.
  • Bug fix: When updating a service entry in certificates, the service entry could not always be found.

Asset Information

  • Bug fix: Opening an asset information caused an error.


  • Bug fix: Renamed column names in rental, supplier database for checking and out columns.

Shipping Notes

  • All previous shipping images are now displayed along with any image captured by the camera.  You can remove any unwanted captured images before saving to the asset.  Any text must be entered in the notes section, not with the images as previously done.

Global Settings

  • Add custom couriers to global settings
  • Be able to delete couriers from list


  • Fix bug: Unable to create a new task when filtering data.  The search text in the find panel is now cleared before a new task is created.
  • New refresh button.
  • Fix bug: When clearing the find panel can cause all cards to disappear.


  • Increased all file size uploads to 5MB.
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