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  • Appointment number ID is shown in the tool tip for easier identification.
  • Search appointments by customer, job number, location, subject, model and description.


  • You can import data into a worksheet from different data sources (text, csv, etc).  Imported data will be as a text datatype.  The imported path location is added to a new row underneath the imported data.
  • You can open multiple files at the same time in documentation.
  • Before job numbers could only populated if it existed in the Overview database.  You can now add any Job number to this field.
  • You cannot email exported certificates which have not been approved.
  • Updated layout in creating new and updating service entries.
  • Fixed bug: When creating a service entry with no next due date an error would occur.


  • Added purchase information when creating a new or cloning an asset.  Stock reference added to stock information. These entries will update the stock database.


  • You must now select a check in location when checking an asset in.  This allows you to check in an asset at multiple locations.

Shipping Notes

  • Added a shipping reference entry field which will appear in the main view and shipping database.

Service Entry

  • Updated layout of create service entries
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