• Tracking

    Track assets as they move through your company

  • Report Designer

    Create custom reports with a rich set of controls

  • 5 Star support

    Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction

  • Cloud storage

    7 day data retention with Microsoft Azure

  • Collaboration

    Promote teamwork and integration

  • Quality

    Promote quality processes to support ISO 17025

  • Workflow

    Workflow management from start to finish

  • Cost effective

    Scaleable, grow as your company does

  • Customisations

    Highly customisable fields and options

  • Development

    Designed for metrology by metrologists

  • Dashboard

    Monitor and measure your company’s performance and metrics

  • Tasks

    Create, track and close tasks

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Email alerts, notifications and reports

  • Intuitive

    Easy to use software

  • Depreciation

    Calculate fixed asset straight line depreciation

  • Batch Changes

    Perform quick changes to maintain data accuracy

  • Productivity

    Total solution you need to become productive quickly and efficiently

  • Audit Trial

    Capture key event changes

  • Calendar

    Plan daily workload with calendar alerts

  • User access

    Multiple user levels with access controls

Cloud Storage and Backups

Asset Controller provides data redundancy and incremental backups ensuring your data is fully protected. Not having to worry about managing expensive storage systems and backups allows your business to focus on what is important.

Stock and Inventory Management

Asset Controller can accurately maintain and keep your stock right. Efficient stock control allows you to have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Asset Controller is designed to help your team achieve their goals together. It allows them to collaborate on assets with updates, notes and photos allowing all users to be kept updated.

Task Management

Make your company more efficient by working together seamlessly. Your team can create new tasks, discuss open tasks, plan workloads, upload photos, add comments, assign an owner, add completion dates, capture emails, add messages, update status and more – all in a shared work space.


Tracking and managing your assets helps to locate assets when needed, reduces disruptions in operations, and avoids the expense of purchasing unnecessary replacements. You will be able to track assets as they come in and out of your company, who has your assets, your customer's assets and when your assets are due back. Checking in/out assets allows you to assign responsibility, capture packaging images and add comments.


Have a greater insight into the performance of your company. With the dashboard designer you can create custom dashboards to show key performance indicators such as monthly sales growth, customer turnover, percentage of tasks completed, turnaround times, supplier performance and so much more.


The report designer has a fully integrated set of productivity tools, report wizards and pre-built report templates allowing you design and build any number of reports, without limits or compromise. With the report scheduler you can automate these reports to be emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Using the Outlook-style Calendar, you can add appointments and resources, change views, create alerts and more, so you can easily plan your workload quickly and without hassle.


The certificate generator allows you to create any calibration certificate using custom templates. With the inbuilt workbook you can make calculations, add tables and graphs and embed them in the certificate. You can then review and approve, add signatories, print calibration labels, add service entries, issue service reports and export all to PDF.


Create new diagrams in our visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualisation and collaboration to accelerate understanding and drive innovation.

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